Bahamas Part II

17 June 2013

I figured I would give you guys a break in between my Bahamas pictures so here is the second leg of them. Our days were spent waking up around 8:00 a.m. , having breakfast , laying on the beach , lunch around 1p.m.  playing or napping by the pool till around 5p.m. , ending each day with dinner and drinks by the beach. You would think after day 2 we would have been over it , for me even after day 5 I wanted to add more days to our trip. I fell in love with the beach and I was heart broken when we left.


  1. Great pics. I still need to finish my Mindy book. Did you finish it?

  2. Jess, Yes I finally finished it. It's hilarious I must have looked like a weirdo laughing by myself. ha



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