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13 June 2013

{Yellow is perfect for this summer especially with THIS J.Crew linen top }
Is it me or has June flown by ? It seems like every Thursday I find myself telling my husband "woosh it's already Thursday, has this week flew by or what?" This week was pretty relaxing especially with all the rain we have been getting it's forced us to stay indoors and ingest about 5,000 pounds of sugar. Ok exaggeration 2,500 pounds of sugar. This weekend we will be on the hunt for a new living room rug and going to see The XX & Grizzly Bear at Meriweather Post Pavilion. I hope you have a great weekend.
{My husband and I have our ups / downs with candy - this week was our down }
{Yesterday I was excited to come home to my new summer sandal from Zara }
{If you update your summer wardrobe why not your work out gear }
{We anxiously waited 4 business days to have our waterproof disposable camera developed . I miss the days of developing film - anticipation at it's best }

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  1. Just saw you featured on the glitter guide Instagram feed!! Can't wait to see the full feature! Go you!! x


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