01 Style // Neutral & gloomy

28 January 2015

Say hello to my the first outfit post of 2015 , it's only taken me 3 weeks thank you procrastination. Camel coats are this season must have and I was lucky enough to snatch this coat on super sale at Forever 21. This jacket is perfect for any occasion but it's currently my weekend coat because during the week I'm wearing a more practical coat for my bike to work. Camel (the color) is everywhere this year and I'm kinda happy about that it's such a classic color and will be around for some time. On to the outfit, I bought these high riser jeans at Madewell about 6 months ago and they are my go to's every weekend. This Latina has junk in the trunk and these jeans are perfect for concealing my trunk. Once my shopping freeze is up (T- 4 more days) I plan on buying a second pair.

Now lets talk about outfit pictures I've been blogging for almost 4 years and I still hate taking outfit pictures even more so in the city. I live in Federal Hill in Baltimore and there are people everywhere so that means it's really hard for this shy gal to stand somewhere and let my husband take photos of me while people walk by and stare. Ugh move it along people nothing to see here! If only I could find a spot where no one would walk by and stare, any suggestions out there how I can get rid of my shyness ?

What's in my bag ?

26 January 2015

Most days I bike to work unless it's snowing or the roads are icy either way my bag is prepped for everything. My winter bag and summer bag are quite different and I'll make sure and share my summer bag with you when the time comes. My winter bag is pretty minimal I'm already in a large coat , ear muffs or beanie and gloves so the last thing I need is a bag full of stuff I don't need. So for those of you curious what's in my bag well here you go ...
What are your bag necessities ?

This weekend i ...

25 January 2015

This weekend was exactly what I'd hoped it would be - relaxing. We tried out a new (new to us) restaurant , met up with some friends for dinner & drinks and relaxed on the couch watching TBS. With the spring semester starting this week my relaxing weekends have come to an end. Here's to another great semester and hoping that we get a ton of snow this week.

How was your weekend?

Friday Words

23 January 2015

Sometimes when my day or I have a moment in my life that is just the pitts I repeat this over and over a few times and poof I'm ok. Life isn't perfect but something I learned entering my 30's was that IT'S OK. It's ok that I don't have those $200 boots I've been wanting, It's ok that I still struggle with Photoshop, It's ok that things don't always work out that's just life. I choose to love myself and my life ! I hope you enjoy it have a great weekend

03 // Insta Shout-out

22 January 2015

 01. Go Forth Creative (Chelsea Fullerton) - Texas gal with great designs and a colorful feed.

02.  63mph (Matt McDonald) - seeing the world in his VW van and living the dream.

03. Rachel Demy Film - Seattle gal capturing her life on a tour bus and not to mention she's Ben     Gibbard's main squeeze.

04. Cautiously Obsessed (Cristina Martinez) - graphic designer with excellent style.

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