10 // Style

02 July 2015

Independence Style

Independence Day is here and that means summer is in full swing and I couldn't be happier because that means picnics at the park, fireworks and bbq's . This weekend we will be enjoying our time staying in town hanging out with friends and we will be watching fireworks at a friends house from his rooftop deck. My attire will consist of my comfiest denim shorts , sandals and alternating tees and sunglasses. My make-up on weekends is pretty low key I use a Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer , bronzer , some mascara and a lip balm. As for the dreads I will alternate between a hat and a party pony (pony tail). There you go that's what my weekend will look like. If you'd like to track me down this weekend you will find me on Instagram ( @mybeatboutique ).

What are your plans this weekend? What will you be wearing doing it ?

top  | denim shorts | sandals | sunnies | salt spray | Illuminator | Lip2cheek balm | hat | bag 

Things I will miss from Baltimore

30 June 2015

Our time here in Baltimore is coming to an end sooner than I would like. When my husband decided to join the military twelve years ago we were both excited about the new places we would see and the people we would meet so far we've lived in Whidbey Island, WA., Gulfport , MS, and Baltimore. At each place we have made wonderful friends and have had some amazing adventures which always makes leaving so much harder. Baltimore will always hold a special place in my heart , moving here was kind of scary because of it's reputation but once we settled in we made some amazing friends and at some point fell in love with Charm City. We've had a handful of scary moments (riots) but our best moments definitely surpass them. Here's just a few of the things I will miss ...

 1.  Seasons - the fall here is beautiful from the crisp weather to the colorful trees.
 2.  Federal Hill - great community with a lot of history.
 3.  Protean Records - we were lucky enough to live across the street from this gem and our record           collection has grown tremendously thanks to the great guys at Protean.
 4.  Federal Hill Park - this park has seen a lot of my blood, sweat and tears from the summer boot           camps, watching fireworks on 4th of July , picnics, and sledding down the hill during a snow               storm.
 5.  Light Street Cafe- best breakfast burrito and white chocolate mocha's in town and they are                   ALWAYS open. Only place open during snow storms.
 6.  Knockout Fitness - I searched high and low for a gym that worked for me and I stumbled upon           them while munching on a donut next door and I haven't looked back ever since. I have never             worked so hard in my entire life but I love it and will miss the Nissley boys.
 7. Movies in Little Italy - every summer the cutest neighborhood downtown Baltimore "Little Italy"         projects movies on an old wall along with free popcorn. Last year we went and had a great time.
 8.  Chaos during game day - we live near each of the stadiums and either football or baseball season
      we can sit on our fire escape and watch the crowds walk to and from the game. Our home is                 perfect for people watching. 
 9.  Froyo on every block - If we are craving froyo there is no shortage on places to get it. There is             one on every block which is not good for those late night cravings
10. Row homes - there is so much history here in Baltimore and you definitely see that in every row         home you pass. 
11. Bike parties - every month Baltimore's bicycle lovers get together and ride through the city for a         10 mile bike ride . People come out of there homes and cheer you on as you bike through their              neighborhood. We did it last year and had a blast.
12. Puppy watching - Baltimore residents love their pets and I enjoy walking around and bumping i           into some of the cutest pups I've ever seen.
13. Brunch at Sobo - hands down one of the best brunch you'll have in Federal Hill. 
14. Hiking - so many hiking trails around here that there's always some new trail we find.
15. Abbey Burger Bistro - best burgers in town.

04 // My Life Lately

29 June 2015

Wanting : Normally I'm wanting either a purse, dress or shoes but all I really want is for time to slow down. Our time here in Baltimore is coming to an end and I just want to rewind the past few years they've gone by too fast.

Loving : I recently bought Aztec Secret Indian Healing Mask at Whole Foods for under $10 and I loved the results. My skin has never felt better I mix it with apple cider vinegar (I know gross) but after you remove the mask your skin will feel so soft and clean. I'll be doing a post on it real soon.

Listening : I've been listening to The Oh Sees lately I've had "I Was Denied" on repeat all week. If you haven't heard it take a listen to them here. .

Watching : Veep on HBO has had me crying from laughing so hard. The cast is so great and not to mention that it's filmed here in Baltimore. Sadly I rode my bike passed their trailers on my way to work for a month and I didn't spot anyone from the show.

Obsessing : This beautiful tribute to a man's best friend had me balling. If you haven't seen Denali's tribute you can watch here. Grab a box of tissues before you watch. I lost my dog four years ago and this story definitely brought back some old memories.

New Music for the Masses

26 June 2015

Photo by Zach Hollowell 

Just when I was beginning to have Bright Eyes / Conor Oberst withdrawls Desaparecidos comes out with a new album "Payola." Desaparecidos have only released one album prior to Payola and I felt it was too harsh and political  for me so I listened and appreciated the efforts but wasn't a fan of the first album in 2002. Payola is still protesting however with a lot more Bright Eyes sound and a less heavy sound. Don't get me wrong Payola is not your typical sappy heartbreaking Conor Oberst song it's Bright Eyes 2011 "The People's Key" sound. I enjoyed listening to this album especially "City on the Hill" it's been on repeat all day. 

01 The Left Is Right
02 The Underground Man
03 City on the Hill [ft. Tim Kasher]

04 Golden Parachutes [ft. Laura Jane Grace]
05 Radicalized
06 MariKKKopa
07 Te Amo Camila Vallejo
08 Ralphy's Cut
09 Backsell
10 Slacktivist [ft. So So Glos]
11 Search the Searches
12 10 Steps Behind
13 Von Maur Massacre
14 Anonymous

Listen here  / more Music for the Masses here

09 // Weekend Snaps

24 June 2015

This weekend we headed to New York to check out the exhibit NY Botanical Gardens was having for Frida Kahlo. Unfortunately Saturday's weather was crappy so what was suppose to be a night under the stars listening to music on the lawn  turned out to be a rainy mess. We made the best of it and enjoyed the drizzle and seeing her original pieces. (I'll share more about the exhibit next week) We love NYC every time we visit we always say "we need to move here." This time we stayed close to China town and enjoyed some shopping, eating and celebrity spotting. Saturday morning on our way to brunch we spotted Chris Noth aka Mr. Big from Sex In The City he was walking in the same direction we were and hopped into the restaurant next to ours. As much as it hurt I contained myself and decided not to ask for a photo - I mean I can't be "that girl." NYC you were a hot and rainy mess but we still love you and thanks for another successful trip. 
How was your weekend ?