04 / Weekly Style Inspiration

07 July 2016


One of the many things I miss about Baltimore is riding my bike to work & around the city. Even though I've had a handful of close calls getting on my bike strapping my bags to my basket and riding through the streets was my happy place. I have a little obsession with girls on bikes - style wise. Some girls can pull off some chic looks on a bike however the first pic is more my style- close toed shoes, denim (incase you fall off prevents road scrapes), and sunnies. I always admired the ladies that bike in heels I don't know how they do it especially when you have to make brief stops. Here's  some girls on bikes inspiration to end the week. Happy Friday & have a fabulous weekend. 

06 / My Life Lately

05 July 2016

Wearing Levi's shorts, Birkenstocks & basic tee I know ... groundbreaking.

Feeling like i'm ready for cooler weather and for my husband to come home.

Reading just about finished with Anderson Cooper's book The Rainbow Comes & Goes .

Wanting this off-the-shoulder top , this navy jumpsuit , and you know my love for a crop pant .

Listening to a lot of podcasts as of late I have been rotating Marc Maron's - WTF w/ Marc Maron , The Joe Rogan Experience & I am Rapaport w/ Michael Rapaport.

Watching Ray Donovan so pumped about the new season which started a few weeks ago.  Also TNT's new show Animal Kingdom with Scott Speedman it's so good.

Working on my ceramics class. It started a few weeks ago and I made my first slab piece on Saturday and it was a bust because of the instructor. I'll explain later once I get it back.

Eating heirloom tomatoes, avocado and cucumber salads all day everyday.

Instagram obsessed with Taylor Sterling from Glitter Guide. Her Insta feed is the perfect pink.

Random thoughts ... really stoked about SJP new show Divorce (watch trailer) .

03 / Weekly Style Inspiration

02 July 2016

Levi's are the "it jean" this year. Levi's have been around for some time however this year I'm sure their stock has gone up. In the late 80's Levi's 501 were the jeans to have and then it seemed Metallica and all the metal bands took them over and Levi's somewhat faded out. This year I have seen them everywhere from Gigi to Kendall ya I'm on a first name basis with them. The great thing about Levi's is they are pretty inexpensive. I've gotten really lucky finding a couple of pairs at my local Goodwill in the men's department for under $10. I'm not a fan of the 501 style simply because they don't work well with curves. The couple of pairs I have are the 569's which I made into culottes and the 559's that I cut and turned into shorts. Both styles are high waisted so they sit above my belly button which give me a nice hour glass figure. So for this week's style inspiration lets look and see how women with no curves wear their Levi's. 

What are your thoughts about the Levi's trend?

08 / My current style

29 June 2016

My current style


If it's one color that I wish I could pull off it would be yellow. I love the color it's a color that just brings sunshine to your day. However since my skin has a yellow tint to it if I wear this color it makes me look like I have jaundice. It looks like yellow is the "it color" this summer and I can't contribute to that but I can dream so this is what I would pair with this gorgeous dress from Zara. Since the color is a huge pop I would mute the rest of my outfit from shoe to sunglasses. I would finish this outfit with a light pink lip and barely there make-up.

What are your thoughts on this color trend ?

02 / Weekly Style Inspiration

24 June 2016

A couple of weeks ago I was in NYC and finally got my hands on some Adidas Stan Smith's in blue. I've been stalking them online for sometime unfortunately my size is always sold out and when we were browsing Soho we walked into their enormous Adidas store just to see if they had my size and without hesitation the store clerk was like "sure let me go get them!" I held my breath until she came back with my size.  I was giddy the entire trip and couldn't wait to put them on , if my feet weren't a mess from all the walking I would've put them on at the store. Since hitting my late 30's I decided comfort was my number one priority - my dogs (feet) deserve a break. So I am embracing the sneaker trend and pairing my Stan's with pretty much everything. Here's some stylish ways to sport your Stan's.