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11 September 2014

I'm off to Texas for my brother-in-law's wedding I will be taking a mini blog break till next week. I am on my way to the land of the best Tex-Mex food , hot weather (two thumbs down), and to see my family. You know as I be documenting my trip via Instagram so if you haven't done so already you can follow me @my_beatboutique . 

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09 September 2014

fall style .01

fall style 01

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There's a breeze in the air leafs are beginning to change colors and that only means one thing 'hello fall!' I love fall weather from the pumpkin donuts to the everyday bootie. This outfit will become my uniform this fall. I finally scored these high riser jeans on major sale at Madewell and I cannot wait to wear them. Many fall purchases will be made in the next few months , what do you have on your fall shop list ?

Little orange dress

This summer I made it a point to load up on some dresses. I normally don't wear dresses not because I don't like them I just normally feel most comfortable in a t-shirt and shorts especially in the summer. But when Zara had their Spring sale a few months ago I loaded up my cart with a few dresses this one being one of them. This dress was something new for me and my closet I am very self conscious about my body so the thought of a semi cap sleeve and deep V collar was foreign to me. But once I tried it on I fell in love with the color and style. No my body isn't where I would like it to be but oh well you dress the body you have not the body you want. Ladies let me just tell you that the older you get the harder it is to 1. tone up 2. lose weight, there you go life lessons from yours truly. 

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07 September 2014

This weekend i ...

This weekend went by so fast that I can't even tell you what happened this weekend it's all a blur. This weekend consisted of a hair cut , cleaning around the loft, visiting Madewell and purchasing this dress and not to mention a dance party that lasted till 4am on Sunday. I have a long to do list for this week so it will be a busy week for me . I hope you have a fabulous Monday and a fantastic week. 

05 September 2014

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Friday came so quickly and I'm not complaining one bit. This weekend I plan on relaxing as much as possible since next week we will be heading to Texas for my brother-in-law's wedding and it will be pretty hectic. I get all sorts of excited when I go home I can't wait to stuff my face with amazing Mexican food , see my beautiful niece / family and most of all just to know that the faces I miss every day are either in the same house as I am or in the same zip code. This weekend will probably go by pretty fast and I will be hating Monday just like the rest of you, until then ENJOY your weekend and have fun!

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