10 / What is that velvet ?

06 April 2016

I finally busted out these blue velvet heels that I picked up from Zara last year. The problem is that I kept them in the shoe box so I kept forgetting that I had them, so I never went for them when getting dressed. You can't really tell in these photos but they are velvet (so soft) and in a deep blue, I know they look black but I assure you they are not. They are a stunning shoe and lets just say the box has been thrown and they are displayed and will never be forgotten again. I paired them with some navy shorts, ivory button-up and this cute tiny bag I picked up from Forever 21 for only $22. Steal! The color + it's the perfect size for your phone (unless you have a 6+), lipstick, keys and your cards it's a great bag and perfect for the summer.

03 / Style Saver

05 April 2016

Style Saver


I normally go through spurts of shopping at Forever 21 they are normally hit or miss but there are those times that you score some fabulous items. I scored these sunglass in brown & black and I love them. Sunglasses are on of my favorite accessories I love all different styles so instead of committing to one expensive pair I have about 20 pairs that are each less than ten bucks.  The past couple of weeks I've come across so great finds at Forever 21 and here's some good ones. 

03 / My Life Lately

04 April 2016

Wearing / I've been all about the culottes this week. I found some Levi's 559 at the Goodwill and I made them into culottes and they have been on repeat for the past couple of weeks.

Feeling / Grateful for my husband and our wonderful relationship.

Eating / I gave up coffee about 2 years ago and Diet Coke for lent and I had my first cup of each last week and it was fantastic.

Wanting / More Diet Coke!

Loving / My rose bushes just started to bud last week and I am loving having them around the house.

Listening / I have had Andrew Bird & Fiona Apples' "Left Handed Kisses" on repeat. (listen here)

Watching / We just finished watching Will Arnett's new show on Netflix called Flaked and it was so good. Makes me want to move to Venice Beach and ride my bike all day.

Obsessing / I got my hands on this Urban Outfitters dress (in black) and I LOVE it.

Anxious / This week we will be heading to Texas to celebrate my niece's birthday and I can't wait to squeeze her and feel her little hands wrapped around my neck.

Random thought / Why in the heck did HBO cancel Togetherness? That show was so good- huge bummer. I don't know if I like crappy shows or wha because every HBO show I like gets canceled.

09 / Oxfords with a smile

31 March 2016

Back with some navy culottes , I wore these last week to run errands and my husband was like "um those pants aren't very flattering on you!" My response was "i know but they're so comfortable & fun" which they are. I haven't dressed to flatter in quite some time I don't know why he was so stunned by that. I've never been that girl that shoes cleavage , short shorts, mini skirts or anything revealing - showing my collar bone is risqué enough for me. I always feel sexiest in the most casual outfits - that's always been me the minimalist. I found these on major sale ($14) at Old Navy and I didn't hesitate. I paired them with my most prized possession this Saint James tee I got for my birthday three years ago. Now lets talk about these oxfords I think oxfords are a must in anyone's wardrobe they are such a classic piece that can be worn with everything - literally everything. 

Top 5 Swim suits

30 March 2016

Splish Splash

Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means swim suit time. Since we moved to California my swimwear has been putting in overtime. I love this black scallop one piece one piece I tried it on at Target and passed it was beautiful however zero support.  I feel that a lot of the halter one pieces  don't give enough support so I usually go for a full one piece - I like to make sure the girls are all strapped in.  Here's a few of my current faves.

5 favorite swim suits :

1. Old Navy

2. Gap

3. Target

4. Target