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08 July 2014

This weekend i ...

What a great weekend we just had  the weather was perfect and the sky was lit up with some fireworks all weekend what more can this girl ask for. I had hoped to catch some rays by some sort of body of water on the busiest weekend well that did not happen! So instead we had a picnic at the park, went on a pretty intense hike at Cunningham Falls  and we rode our bikes at Patapsco State Park here in Baltimore all in all it was a weekend filled with lots of calories burned and great weather. Win win in my book. 

How was your weekend? 

02 July 2014

W.W.W no.15

4th of July

Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays because it has everything this girl loves good food, fireworks and everyone seems to be on the same page. When we got engaged twelve years ago 4th of July weekend was in the running for our wedding date, we obviously went another direction but that story is for another day. Today let's discuss my love for red, white and blue. Not only because of my brand new love of soccer but it's a time to be patriotic and grateful to be an American! This weekend we hope to find a place to park our pale bodies and just relax preferably by a lake or pool ,watch some fireworks and listen to some Paul Simon.

What will you be doing this weekend?

30 June 2014

Monthly recap

June you sure did fly by , July is here and you know what that means Christmas is right around the corner. I'm sorry to make you cringe but Christmas is my favorite holiday and I cannot wait for cool weather and Christmas songs.
I started this blog to document my life I would love to be able to look back one day and revisit my life as it was. So when I came across this post via Cocorrina blog and this is exactly what I'd love for a monthly recap, so here's a rough draft of a new series on the blog.

LISTENING : I've had Courtney Barnett album playing on repeat. It's perfect for the summers laying by the beach.
WANTING : I need some sun so I want to go to the beach now.
READING : I just started reading Tina Fey : Bossypants and it's hilarious.
WATCHING : Besides everything on Netflix I just finished Derek with Ricky Gervais and it's hilarious and sweet. It's a must watch!
FOLLOWING : I fell in love with Jasmine Dowling on Instagram and her blog is perfection.
WEARING : Since the heat has arrived I have been living in denim shorts, t-shirts and these J.Crew sandals.
GRATEFUL : For my husband and our new love for nature.
ENJOYING : Riding my bike around the city.
WAITING : For our upcoming San Francisco trip with my family.

29 June 2014

Summer bucket list

Summer is here and I am full of ideas of what I would like to do before Labor day. How many of these will actually get crossed off , well that's another story. I figure if I write them down and post them for the world to see then I have to hold myself to them.

1. Movie at the park : We are minutes from Federal Hill Park so I plan on cuddling under the stars with my guy and watching a good flick.  

2. Farmers Market : I'd like to make Saturday morning at the market a new tradition this summer since we can bike just about anywhere in the city I'd like to take full advantage of my Saturday morning.

3. Learn Calligraphy : I know this is quite the popular hobby right now I am jumping on the band wagon and going to try to learn calligraphy. Hopefully I will perfect it by Christmas for my holiday cards.

4. Go camping : I had been mentioning this to my hubby for quite some time and while eating dinner with a couple of friends we were invited to go camping in Sept. in Delaware and we happily excepted. 

5. Picnic-ing : I'd like to add picnic's to my list of new traditions, I hope to have a picnic in DC and Central Park in NYC.

6. Me & Nature : Since I've never really been the outdoorsy kind I'd like to change that about myself and start hiking and camping. Of course I will start to load up on OFF bug spray since i hate bugs.

20 June 2014

Steal her style

      chambray /  jeans  / shoesbag / hat  / cuff

When I first saw this photo on Pinterest I fell in love with it. The color of the jeep along with the simplicity of her outfit, sometimes there are just those photos that inspire you in some way and that's what this did. By this time every gal should own a panama hat, chambray top and white jeans so this look would not be hard to replicate. Sometimes it's the simplest outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks. 

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