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17 November 2014

My life lately ...

Wanting // I'm in need of a  new winter coat , I've gone with a knee length puffer for the past few years and it's kept me pretty warm but I am in need of a new one. I've been eyeing this one this one , and of course this practical one.

Planning // a trip to NYC to see Rockefeller Center lit up for the holidays. Luckily we've already seen all the touristy spots so this time around we will enjoy the city. What's your favorite spot during the holidays? 

Loving  // everything about Solange Knowles wedding that happened this weekend in New Orleans. Her style is so bold and so colorful that of course her wedding wouldn't be anything different. If you haven't checked out the photos you must thank you Vogue. (here)

Listening // Besides the Christmas music that I've been overdosing on Perfume Genius - Queen  has been on repeat this whole week. Great jam. (listen here)

Watching // last weekend we went to go see Whiplash at The Charles Theater and lets just say that there are no words that can express how good this movie is. It was one of those movies where I left inspired and envious of some people's determination. If it's playing in your city do yourself a favor and go see it. ( watch trailer ) 

Dying// Over these prints from the talented Jasmine Dowling. I can't decide between this one or  this one. I'm sure you've spotted her work around Instagram and Pinterest but if you haven't check this gal out she's fabulous.

30 October 2014

Fall Style

Fall Style

Sweater :   Madewell  // Jeans : Madewell //  Sneakers : Madewell //  Coat : Zara //  
Dress : Madewell //  Tights : H&M //  Flats : Zara  // Bag : Mansur Gavriel 

There's not much I can say for this post except I need a camel coat ASAP. I've been looking for one that doesn't drown my 5"2 body and I've stumbled upon a few that I love now to decide. I found a wool camel blazer last year at my local Goodwill and when I tried it on it fit like a glove and I finally got it dry cleaned and it's ready to be worn with everything.

Lets talk about this bag I've been stalking this bucket bag for the past 6 months but it was sold out EVERYWHERE finally Steven Alan sent out an email that pre-order was available and luckily I was able to snatch one up. I originally wanted the Flamma but that one was not available so I settled for the Ballerina and it's expected to arrive before Christmas and I CANNOT WAIT!

28 October 2014

Lets talk : Bucket list

A couple of months ago we were invited to go backpacking / camping with a group of friends in November the same weekend of our anniversary of the day we met - win win. I was beyond excited because I have never been camping nor backpacking and it has been on my bucket list since I turned 30. My husband on the other hand was not as excited he did so much camping with his grandparents growing up that the thought of sleeping in a tent made him cringe. But because he's such a great guy he agreed to join me on this adventure. We figured lets celebrate 13 years of togetherness by going camping. Smart? Since we are not campers we basically had to start from square one luckily we had more than enough time to buy , borrow and rent camping essentials. With our camping trip coming up this weekend I thought it would be great to share what I expect to happen on this trip.

Growing up my parents were not outdoorsy people so I never had the opportunity nor the desire to go camping or do anything adventurous. It wasn't till I hit 33 that I became bored with myself and everything I liked just seemed forced so  I began to try new things whether it was trying a new dish, new music, painting, running, knitting, sewing, piano lessons etc. You name it anything I thought of I looked into and I started discovering a little more about myself with each hobby I took on and I slowly started to become a different me. Who knew that that person was inside of me so since then I've been wanting to do so many things , see so many places and just try to be more open to any opportunity. Everyone I told was like "camping, really?" yes really. I don't expect to be comfortable, I expect to freeze my butt off and I am really nervous about hiking 3 miles with a backpack weighing more than my body weight but I am so excited to wake up in the woods and experience the outdoors with my best friend. Now lets just hope the weather cooperates and it doesn't rain.

Have you ever been camping ? If so , what do I need to know about the woods?

* Photo via unknown *

23 October 2014

Insta Shout-out

1.  FaithPierce - If you've been looking for that perfect nude lipstick or a fall eye shadow this gal will      help you find it. Faith is a beauty/fashion blogger who I had the pleasure of having brunch with a        few months back, she's awesome and boy can this gal take some photos

2.  Kylie Turley - This gal loves the outdoors and will make you want to jump in your car and go on        an adventure. You might also recognize her she was one of  my Chic Chicks (here) .

3.  MamaWatters - If you're a Mom, a wife or a single gal Amanda Watters Instagram will inspire            you with her shots of her day to day life in  Kansas City, Mo.

4.  Josh Andrson -  Texas photographer with the coolest pictures ever taken.

*See more shout-outs here

20 October 2014

My weekend at ACL ...

You're all probably wondering how was Austin City Limits ? It was ok, this was the first year where my days weren't full of back to back shows. Maybe that's cause the line up was not as exciting as the past years that we've attended I guess it is hard top ACL 2007 (Arcade Fire, Bjork, Bloc Party, Arctic Monkeys, Regina Spektor, LCD Sounsystem etc.. full line up here ) and ACL 2013 ( Depeche Mode, The Cure, Phoenix, Franz Ferdinand, Tame Impala, Kendrick Lamar etc... full list here ). The one nice thing is we got to go and spend time with our friends and enjoy Zilker Park without having to make that decision we all hate at a festival "Should I go see --- or --- ". Either way it was nice to be in Texas and see my family have some delicious TexMex food and get some much needed sun.

This year I decided to go hands free and rely on my iPhone to capture my weekend, so my apologies for the distorted photos.
*Picture overload after the jump.

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