New Kicks

17 June 2013

I hesitated posting this outfit however I promised that my blog would show the good , the bad and the ugly. So this is a DIY gone bad, I had some old boot cut jeans that I figured would make great shorts however I didn't realize the leg part was narrow and not loose. Loose is what I was looking for as much as I lunged, tugged and stretched this denim wasn't giving in. I somehow thought these shorts looked flattering on me , after looking at these photos - not the case. Why I thought a low rise boot cut jean was a good idea, is beyond me. Any case this is what I wore to date night on Saturday my favorite top , new kicks and this awful shorts. This outfit was perfect for an evening at our favorite restaurant sipping some drinks and enjoying a night with my guy♥

Now for some exciting news early Sunday morning I was lucky enough to be a part of
 Glitter Guide for Target shoot where the lovely Natalie Franke was behind the lens. I can't wait to see the finished results you can see a sneak peek over on  Natalie's blog. 


  1. I really thought these shorts were flattering on you. They aren't the traditional baggy cutoffs but they don't make you look bad at all. Just the opposite.

    1. Thank you that's such a nice thing to say :)



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