24 March 2016

Holy crap I'm 38 ! Thirty-eight doesn't seem like a big number but it's frightening to think I'm so close to 40,  I go back and forth with 40 sometimes I'm excited but there are times that I don't even want to think about being a lady in my 40's. Ok enough about 40 lets talk about thirty-eight. Thirty-eight you betch why are you here already I'm not prepared for you. I just finished reading Garance Dore's book Love Style Life and she is so happy to be turning 40 where is my happiness? Some of my friends who are in their late 20's keep saying age is just a number my response to that is "yea easy for you to say you're not 38." My other friends that are my age don't say much except "fuck 38!" I'm with them FU 38! So far thirty-eight looks like this : my knees are crap they can't handle stairs, my patience is almost gone, after a hard work-out I have to ice my whole body, my back reminds me of my age every day, the grey hair is starting to creep up on me , I'm most content at home watching TV with my husband and my two cats and I feel most comfortable in a good pair of jeans stripe tee and sneakers. I know for the past couple of years I've shared the things I've learned well lets continue this tradition shall we.

 1.  Find jeans that fit and buy them in every color.
 2.  You can never have enough stripe tees.
 3.  Save up for that handbag you've been eyeing and pull that trigger because YOLO.
 4.  White all year round.
 5.  It's ok if you don't want to have kids be proud of that decision.
 6.  You need friends other than your husband.
 7.  Don't be ashamed to modify your workout.
 8.  Water , water and more water . Hydrate!
 9.  Disconnect when you're with your person.
10. If you're having a bad day blast 90's rap in your car.
11. Be patient with your parents.
12. Call your parents as much as you can.
13. Be confident.
14. Love yourself & your body.
15. Say hello to a stranger
16. The Office reruns never get old.
17. Don't rush into anything.
18. Enjoy your happy place.

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