37 things I've learned

25 March 2015

1.    Love myself.
2.    White should be worn year round.
3.    Blue Orchid by White Stripes always puts me in a great mood.
4.    Never turn down a pumpkin donut.
5.    Hard work sometimes doesn't pay off and that's o.k.
6.    Eric Clapton is perfect on a Saturday morning.
7.    8 hrs. of sleep is always needed.
8.    You don't need to capture everything for the sake of an Instagram.
9.    Write more.
10.  Mom was right your ears should always be covered when it's cold out.
11.  Always be there for a friend.
12.  Eat bacon in moderation.
13.  DVR every Dateline possible.
14.  I will never be successful at blogging and that's o.k.
15.  I dislike mountain climbers and burpees.
16.  Mascara is perfect to hide those few grey hairs making an appearance.
17.  Allow your concealer to sit for a few minutes before blending in.
18.  Skin care is important and should be taken seriously.
19.  Never underestimate the power of a bright lip color.
20.  Disconnect every once and a while and enjoy your life.
21.  You can never study too much.
22.  Apple cider vinegar is great for hear burn.
23.  Don't text - CALL your girlfriends.
24.  Gold Bond cream is your skin's best friend.
25.  When you are sorry say it don't wait.
26.  Invest in a good pair of jeans and black heels.
27.  Do not bike ride in anything else besides tennis shoes + socks.
28.  Run as much as possible.
29.  Camping is fun , with the right people.
30.  Hike , hike , hike.
31.  A long lasting manicure requires more than 3 coats of polish.
32.  Work hard and push yourself beyond your limit,
33.  Travel as much as you can.
34.  Be nice and friendly to everyone.
35.  Baby oil removes eye make-up like a boss.
36.  Cut your parents some slack - they are not perfect.
37.  Save all your parents voice mails.

*36 Things I learned (here)

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  1. I love this list, and pumpkin donuts, so I whole heartedly agree that one should never turn it down. I also love the voicemail note... I love my mom's little messages! Hope you had an amazing Birthday, and that you were spoiled rotten!

    x, Jordan Taylor


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