36 things i've learned...

23 March 2014

Today I am one year older and a little wiser. I'm 36 and closer to 40 than I would like however I am happy to have lived as much as I have. I remember when I was in high school it seemed like I was never going to grow up. Looking back at it now high school was such a small part of my life . I stumbled around so much in my 20's making mistakes left, right, up and down. I can tell you that my 20's were about finding myself in so many ways. You look up to your friends, siblings etc. it wasn't until I moved away from home at 25 that I was alone. Alone was such a horrible feeling at 25 not having anyone to guide you but yourself. I had just got married and you see the relationship your parents had and relationships you've grown up around and you think that's what a marriage should be. It wasn't till we moved to Seattle that I figured out that marriage is a lot harder than we both thought. Trying to find myself on top of trying to be a good wife was so hard for me. 20's were my highway to discovery. My Dad has always said "making decisions is the easy part, living with those decisions is the hardest part" this makes more sense to me now. Once I hit my 30's it ALL made sense to me, life. For me it's like I woke up on my 30th birthday and it suddenly hit me - this is who you are and it's ok. I  have a handful of good friends, great parents, the best siblings, an adorable niece and one on the way, a loving husband and my health what more could I ever ask for. My 30's have been the best years of my life so far and I look forward to this next journey called thirty-six.  

 1.   Friends are important - don't ditch them when you find a boyfriend.
 2.   Embrace your parents idiosyncrasies.
 3.   When someone shows you who they are , believe them the first time.
 4.   Don't pass up Target dollar bins.
 5.   Find a good tailor and make them your best friend.
 6.   Oil changes on your car are important.
 7.   Each chocolate in moderation, your thighs will appreciate it.
 8.   In relationships don't lose your individuality.
 9.   Love yourself first above all.
10.  Fear is ok.
11.  Girls night out is a must at least once a week.
12   You should never lie to your friends, yourself & your doctor.
13.  Invest in good shoes especially running shoes.
14.  Wear practical shoes to a concert.
15.  Invest in a good bra.
16.  Moisturize your hands before bed.
17.  I am guilty of this but always take your makeup off before going to sleep.
18.  Never pass up good stationary.
19.  Don't let your gas tank go under 1/2.
20.  If you have static in your hair put lotion in your hands and rub them through your hair.
21.  Never give up on your dreams regardless how far they may seem.
22.  Flip your mattress twice a year.
23.  Take as many trips as you can afford.
24.  If you want something, you can afford it then buy it.
25.  The Smiths will get you through any break - up.
26.  Indulge yourself once a week, life's too short to starve yourself.
27.  Love your body.
28.  If something's too good to be true it probably is.
29.  See your parents as much as you can.
30.  Always check your Pringles before purchase, too many grazers.
31.  Don't shit where you eat > don't date your co-worker.
32.  Find someone who loves ALL of you.
33.  It doesn't matter where you work or what you do just as long as you are happy.
34.  Your friends might date people you don't like ,that doesn't mean you have to break-up with her.
35.  Communication is the key to a marriage.
36.  Stop and enjoy the sunset or sunrise. There is beauty all around you don't over look it.

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  1. Happy birthday girly!! Hope you have a fab day! Oh and I love this list:)


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