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16 February 2015

Your eyes aren't fooling you those are some pasty legs I got there hope you have your sunglasses on for this post. Just as I thought my Valentine weekend was pretty much ruined by my sickness. What began to creep into my body Sunday was full blown by Wednesday and by Sunday. I had gone through 2 very large tissue boxes, 20 melt downs , coughed up a lung and  made a visit to Urgent Care who sent me home with nothing but a "keep your head up kid" I am finally feeling a little bit more like myself - mind you it's 8 days later. How is it that no one has come up with a cure for a cold? Yep a cold + a upper repository infection is the reason for using up most my sick days this early in the year.
So what's been going on in the world ? What did I miss ?


  1. oh gosh, we got that little bug right after thanksgiving. I was so worried I wasn't going to be able to see our family during the holidays because of it. Glad you are feeling better! ps. you are far from pasty... I think I am see through this winter!


  2. oh no.. you have caught it too!! was down for a few days last last week with some cough and drinking lots of fluids did the trick for me.
    feel better soon!! :D

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