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09 February 2015

This weekend was pretty good we had the best sliders at Matchbox in DC , saw an amazing show (Sheer Mag , Priests & Parquet Courts) and made a few minor purchases. All in all it was a great weekend looking forward to see what this week will bring and lets not forget Valentine's day is this weekend.

My shopping freeze is finally over and I thought I would've been a crazy shopping lady on Feb.1 but I was not. I'm pretty proud of myself I put myself on this freeze for the month of January because after cleaning my closet in December I realized I bought so much crap that I didn't need and figured I needed to reevaluate my shopping habits. One month and a few days later I am proud that I didn't cave and I've learned that from this point on I will really think about those "on sale " items you know the ones like that stripe shirt that looks like the one you already have but it's on sale for $9 ya those. So far for 2015 these have been my purchases Madewell bracelet , leather card case , those adorable pens and lip balm from Anthropologie. Yep that's right that freeze worked it's magic, now my husband just waits anxioulsy for this to end.

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  1. That is such a great idea. I made it a few weeks before splurging on a few Old Navy pieces, but i just HAD to have them, and I wear them regularly now... But I do love the idea of carefully assessing what is a want/need and waiting until the right time to buy it!



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