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09 January 2015

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Hello Friday! First full week of 2015 is gone and resolutions (here)  still going strong , we got snow on Tuesday and I was a happy gal. 21 days left of no shopping for me and of course Madewell new arrivals came out this week. Thanks for that Madewell. The next few weekends will be spent relaxing until the school semester finally starts back up on the 26th. This weekend we plan on finally going to watch The Theory of Everything I don't know what's taken us so long but I'm glad we are finally getting around to watching it. Other than cuddling on the couch with two fat cats our weekend is going to be pretty uneventful. Have a fabulous weekend!

Here are some links from the world wide web ...

 > This dress is making me ready for spring.

Jimmy Fallon gets cuter by the second.

> And the next Target collaboration is drumroll ... Lilly Pulitzer

> Can I please be Laura Bailey for the day

> Beyond excited for Modest Mouse new album (listen to the first single Lampshades on Fire here )


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I am with you on the new-releases and not shopping thing! Luckily I have a birthday coming up, so everyone else can help shop for me! You will have to let me know how that movie is, I nearly cried the first time I saw the teaser. Also, Blog is looking amazing! All of the stress is paying off!


  2. Hi Myrna! I stumbled across your blog during winter break. I'm also a grad student/full-time worker so I found your blog posts refreshing and relatable! I hadn't checked out blogs in a long time because I felt they lost a bit of authenticity, but I appreciated your blog's honesty and light humor. You're inspiring me to start a creative outlet myself...if only I had the time! Hope you have an awesome 2015--looking forward to your posts :)



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