Free Printable 2015 Calendar's

12 January 2015

One of the great things about a new year is a fresh spankin' new calendar + planner. For my planner i'm pretty loyal to Moleskine so every year I wait till about the 2nd week in January and head over to Barnes & Noble because they will more than likely have all calendar's on sale. Monday I headed over and got my red Moleskine for $10. That's right ten buckaroonies! Am I cheap ? Well I guess in a way but if the method hasn't failed me why change it, am right? Now back to calendars last year some of  the talented bloggers I follow shared their work in the form of a free printable planner and this year I found some talented ladies who did the same.  I've shared some of my favorites along with  the link to download them. Thank you to these wonderful ladies for sharing their work !

Calendar made by Oh the Lovely Things  (download here)

Calendar made by Style Bee (download here)


  1. Oh I love all of these so much, I need one for each room in the house, and my desk! I love that you love moleskins! Until I started working with digital invites and outlook for work, I used those every year! Now it's just too easy to forward an invite and block time off on the computer. I just put together a weekly calendar that I cant wait to post, but I love looking at everyone else's work, and how they manage their time/task lists. These are beautiful! Thank you for sharing!


    1. I love my Moleskine and checking things off my calendar so no digital for me ! Ha
      Can't way to see your weekly calendar!



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