04 January 2015

Resolution res·o·lu·tion (rĕz′ə-lo͞o′shən) n. 1. a firm decision to do or not do something: the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter.

//1//  Be a better person, this one has been my number one every year. It's not that i'm some crazy person or anything it's just nice to remind myself the person I need to be the woman my parents raised.

//2// Be open to new possibilities, I've always been a shy person one that freezes in front of a crowd and never initiates conversation with a stranger. I have a handful of great friends however none of them live by me so those nights I'd like to have a girls night out my husband fills in, which I don't mind but some girl time is always needed. Don't get me wrong I have friends at work and my husbands friends wives but I don't initiate or open myself to form a friendship. So this year I plan to open myself up and take myself out of my shell and meet new people. This will be the hardest thing for me but that's what resolutions are for right.

//3// Be the blogger I want to be , this year was pretty quite around these parts- my apologies. This year I plan to get that new blog design I've been talking about , definitely more style posts , and just share more of what's going on.  I also love to draw and doodle a bunch so I plan on sharing a lot more of my crazy little doodles believe me this Graphic Design student can use the practice. This blog means so much to me and documenting all that life is throwing at me is what I want it's all about.

//4// See new places, last year we had so much going on at home (Texas) that we were not able to travel much besides to Texas. This year I plan on visiting new places we already have San Francisco penciled in March but I'd like to also visit Maine, Cape Cod and see a lot more of the east coast before we leave in Sept.

//5// Shop smart, I love to shop (duh) I love clothes , shoes and purses however I sometimes buy  just because it's a good deal so it either ends up taking space in my closet never used or I use it once and that's all that piece of clothing ever gets. I cleaned out my closet this weekend and the pile of new clothes never used was just sad. So this year I will buy only things I NEED and will get use out of  that's right i'm talking to you Zara heels that I purchased two summers ago and still haven't used. I'm starting this resolution by grounding myself from shopping  this month. 30 days without buying clothes, shoes and purses lets see how this goes.

What are your 2015 Resolutions?


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    1. Yes ma'am our orders are up in Sept. and we will be heading to our next duty station. :( I sure am going to miss this side of the U.S.


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