Stripes on sunny days

17 March 2014

 top: Gap (same in a diff. color) / jeans : Old Navy / oxfords :Madewell /
rings : H&M /purse : J.Crew (old) / sunnies : RayBan

I'm back... I stopped doing outfit posts back in October once the cold came however Saturday we woke up to sunshine and 60 degree weather before we walked out the door I grabbed my camera and told my camera man aka my hubby "lets do this".

Let me start off by addressing the hair , I chopped it off a few weeks ago and it's taken me that long to get use to it. I walked into the salon wanting a long bob just off the shoulders and left with a choppy bob. After many tears I'm over it , taking some Biotin and hoping that my layers will grow out and I can finally have what I originally wanted.

Saturday we went bike shopping which I thought was going to be super fun, not the case when it came to test riding. I haven't rode a bike since high school so can you believe I forgot how to ride a bike. Our first stop was a local bike shop here in Baltimore called Race Pace the sales guy was very knowledgeable and once we found the bike that best suited me it was time for a test drive. As we walked outside I could feel my knees begin to shake and my heart beating so fast- that my friends is what we call fear. My husband jumped on his bike and began to bike around me and jump curbs while I tried to find balance and learning how to peddle. Needless to say I rode the bike for about 5 minutes jumped off and was done. Fear defeated me.I see redemption in my future and it involves me biking down Pratt street fearing nothing. Until then we will be sticking to empty parking lots.

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  1. Lady! I thought you guys would still have snow.....we have SO MUCH SNOW. I am sick of it :(


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