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08 September 2013

What was suppose to be a jam packed weekend turned into a sick weekend. My hubby and I called it an early night Friday after work as we both began to feel a little under the weather. So we took some cold medicine climbed into bed with some hot tea and called it a night at 9:30pm. Unlike some people when I take cold medicine I have horrible nightmares which will keep me up all night. Like clock work I was up at 3a.m, 4:30a.m and once again at 6a.m. each time feeling worse and worse. Saturday morning we both woke up at around 11a.m. which never happens on a Saturday normally we are up and out of bed at 8a.m. eager to start the day. Since we will be moving in a couple of weeks our to-do list is pretty lengthy and we couldn't  waste a weekend away, sadly this weekend our bodies has other plans for us. This is the first time both of us have been sick together and to tell you the truth I kind of enjoyed it a little. We snuggled in bed all weekend, overdosed on hot tea and watched TV in our pj's all weekend.  I'm hoping we get over this bug ASAP and tackle our to-do list. I hope your weekend was better than mine, what did you do?

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