A cap and flare

29 July 2013

This look > dress : Old Navy / jacket : F21 / sandals : Target / ball cap : Lids / sunnies : street vendor/  bracelets : Madewell

You're probably wondering what in the heck am I doing with a jacket in 80 degree weather? Yesterday I did a grocery store run and let's just say my grocery store is a meat locker, they like to keep their temperatures in the 50's so I always grab a light jacket to buy groceries. On Sunday's I tend to keep my outfits pretty simple since Sunday's are my errand days. How do I wear a tone down this white dress? Throw on a baseball cap and flare, I've been collecting pins since I was a teenager I decided to go back to the 80's and add some flare to my denim jacket. Pins were always reasonable especially when you're a 16 year old going to shows, I didn't have $30 bucks to spend on a concert tee so instead I chose the next best thing $5 pins. My pins have been lived on my Jansport backpack, my denim vest I use to wear with dresses at 16 and now my denim jacket many years later. When all else fails just throw on a ball cap and flare and let the good times roll.  

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