Bahamas - Part I

02 June 2013

For our ten year anniversary we decided to go on a much needed vacation. The past ten years we have lived away from home (Texas) and so every chance we would get we would make our way home, those were our vacations. This year we decided to go somewhere relaxing, where the only thing we had to think about was what swimsuit to wear. If you follow me on Twitter you would've stumbled upon my angry tweets on vacation day 1, our flights were canceled. To make the long story short we were suppose to arrive in Georgetown Monday at 1pm. Instead United Airlines thought otherwise and we arrived Tuesday at 8am. After THAT headache, we found ourselves at the most beautiful, clearest beach we've ever seen. When my eyes saw this beach, I was in awe of it's beauty.  The whitest sand, bluest water and perfect weather was our heaven for six days.

We stayed at the Emerald Bay Resort and it was beautiful. The grounds were filled with palm trees, hammocks, sparkling pools, restaurants, great staff ,and even a bakery. We were treated like royalty for six days with breakfast in bed, clean room, and attentive staff.

 Our vacation consisted of lounging by the pool or beach. I would flip through magazines and finally finished reading Mindy Kaling - Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? . Even though we lathered up with 50 SPF we still managed to get extremely burned / tan. It's ok sun we needed the color.
The weather was perfect mid 80's with a good breeze. Although at 5pm everyday it would rain for about 20 min. which we would take cover under these cabanas by the pool watch the rain and drink Emerald Dreams. I am not a liquor drinker however this drink changed my ways for six days.
Packing for this trip was so easy. My outfits consisted of swimsuits, cover ups, t-shirts, shorts, and the occasional dress. I was beyond lucky when I stumbled upon this dress at the Goodwill a couple of months ago, for $6. It was perfect to throw on over my swimsuit. Hats were a different story , since it was a little breezy hats were impossible to keep on.
Stay tuned for more Bahamas pictures next week.

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