Pittsburgh : Take Two

10 April 2013

We headed to Pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago to catch one of our favorite bands Grizzly Bear play at Carnegie Hall. One of the benefits of living on the East Coast is how close everything is, from Maryland to Pittsburgh <without traffic> is a 3 1/2 hour drive. However we drove off Friday at 3pm so that we could arrive early and we could have a nice dinner but traffic had other plans. We stood in traffic for 2 hours without moving because a semi full of corn tipped over . So we didn't make it to our hotel till 10:30pm . Since we stayed downtown we thought we would be in the middle of it all , but downtown was not what we thought it was. There wasn't any shopping malls ,very few eateries and no night life. Apparently all the night life is in Squirrel Hill , Oakland and other areas.
Saturday morning we were anxious to go off and explore, the weather was nice and sunny so we spent all afternoon exploring. That's one of the benefits of loving music as much as we do because we get to explore new cities and catch a good live show- win win! We enjoyed the bridges, stadiums , and had the best buffalo chicken sandwich at Jerome Bettis Grille 36.

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