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11 April 2013


Warning : To read this post you will need some sunnies! Excuse my sunless legs but it hit 80 degrees and I took that time to celebrate in the form of my "a bit tight", striped mini. Get use to this skirt because I will be wearing the "bleep" out of this skirt this season.  

Let's talk about this top for a second. Back when we were new to the area and homeless, we shacked up in a hotel for 4 weeks. In those 4 weeks we were getting ready to go and grab some drinks and I decided to wear this top because it had been in a suitcase for some time I decided to iron it. I obviously didn't realize how hot the iron was when the iron touched the shirt it burned a hole in the back of this shirt > insert tears. My husband looked over at me and said "don't freak out, it's ok" , I closed my eyes and said "noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!" Yep so my favorite top that I had paid regular price for had a HUGE hole in the back and I was not suppose to freak out ? right! After my sob fest I rolled it up and put it back in my suitcase and saved it because I was not getting rid of it that easily. So, about a month ago I took it to my seamstress and guess what she fixed it. Luckily this top was a loose enough to create 2 seams in the back. This is why it's so important to have a good tailor.
top : J.Crew (old)
skirt : Banana Republic (old)
shoes : Ralph Lauren
clutch : Zara
sunnies : Forever 21 [here]



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  1. You look fabulous! This shows off your figure so great! Wearing that skirt more is a must!


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