The weekend that was ...

22 October 2012

This weekend we drove over to Virginia Beach, VA  to visit some friends. The wonderful thing about the East Coast is how close everything is. Growing up in Texas I'm use to extended trips. The weather was gorgeous this weekend we enjoyed great food and walks to the beach {Chesapeake Bay}. I also finally had the chance of seeing where my husband has spent many deployments on, Naval ships. I size every ship next to the Titanic, so when my husband was on the USS Bataan I asked "is it bigger than the Titanic?" he chuckled and said "way bigger!" This weekend I finally saw these ships up close and WHOA- they are enormous! I always knew they were huge but seeing them up close justifies it.




  1. Beautiful pictures! It looks like a wonderful trip. xx

  2. Gorgeous pics! I think you should frame some in the new house.


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