tee bling

23 October 2012

skirt : JCrew / boots : Old Navy{old} / necklace : F21 / watch : Urban Outfitters /
belt : Target / glasses : Warby Parker {Huxley}

How do you jazz up a concert tee? Roll them sleeves and bling it ! I'm a huge tee fan, I have two drawers dedicated to tee's that consist of stripes, v-neck, crew neck, long sleeve, and concert tee's. Years ago when I became a concert goer I bought tee's from each show I attended even if I didn't like them I almost felt as if that was my "proof " that I went to that show. Before I knew it I had way too many. Now after much de-cluttering I've kept only the special ones, ones that had meaning kind of like a time capsle. They take me back - like this Black Keys shirt I picked up in Atlanta at the Midtown Music Festival last year. It reminds me not only of the great performance they put on but an amazing weekend I had with my good friend Katie. Where we put on our complimentary hotel robes and watched Titanic and laid in the sun and enjoyed music from Manchester Orchestra and Black Keys. Who knew a cotton t-shirt could have so much meaning?


  1. Myrna! LOVE this.
    This is the best dressed up graphic tee look I have ever seen. Must replicate!

  2. I am in love with this look! I love everything about it!! The leopard belt, the booties, the concert T-shirt paired with the pencil skirt...and your necklace and glasses! haha...obsessed?
    Plus, I love the Black Keys. =D

  3. Love this! A tee is a total must have:)



  5. That outfit is great! You know how I love the Keys!!!


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