trench & scarfs

11 June 2012

jeans/scarf/top : F21 | trench/earrings : Banana Republic | sandals : Dolce Vita | glasses : Warby Parker (Huxley)

Hello monsoon season. don't get me wrong i do love a rainy day , when i have nothing to do but lounge in my jammies and watch movies. rainy weekends when you have errands to run are a pain in my trench.  mr. rain you ruined my friday by canceling Miles for Smiles 5K and my good hair day saturday morning. running errands is no picnic especially when it's raining so instead of using an umbrella i opt for turning my scarf into an old lady hat. i love the idea of an umbrella however i do not like the hassle of lugging it around nor do i own one. on a rainy day i do not worry about my hair frizzing my concern is more for my vision aka my glasses getting wet. if you depend on glasses 24/7 you know what i mean. apparently it will be raining non-stop till Thursday. ugh.
how was your weekend? do anything fun?


  1. I love your "umbrella" and I love this look!
    I am SO into slouchy button up and boyfriend jeans right now! You just gave me inspiration to throw on a trench too :). You look timeless in this outfit!


  2. I like the length of your trench. Yeah, when it rains, it's quite annoying when my eyeglasses get wet. Have a lovely week.


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