Our 1st Fenway experience

07 June 2012

 On our recent trip to Boston we finally had our Fenway experience. The weather was a huge surprise to us we left the hotel prepared for 50 degree weather and Boston had other plans (80 degrees). once there we grabbed a couple of Samuel Adams and burritos and made our way to our seats. as the game neared it's end the RedSox were behind a run , their catcher came to the plate. it was then that the mister rubbed his hands together as we watched the at bat from the right field bleachers. he looked at me and said "he's gonna hit it over here and i have to be ready" seconds later at the crack of the bat all of Fenway stood up (me still in my seat). i looked up and saw the ball in slow motion coming right for ME. Everyone around me prepares to catch this ball and all i do is scream " WHAT DO I DO ??" and burry my head between my legs. lol Thank goodness the ball landed two rows behind me , unfortunately my hubby didn't catch the ball but our 2 mile walk to our hotel was filled with excitement and laughter.

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