button my jar

11 June 2012

What do you do with those extra buttons that accompany your freshly purchased garments ? i always keep them , you never know when you might need them. they've started to make a nice mountain in the corner of my closet, so i decided to park them in a mason jar. if you follow me on Pinterest you already know my love for mason jars. what do you do with your extra buttons  ? do you keep ? or not?


  1. I am obsessed with buttons so I also keep them. I have a decorative jar on my night stand that holds them. I liek the mason jar idea though.

  2. Myrna I hadn't thought about using a mason jar - genius! I keep all my buttons but throw them in a top draw to rifle through when I need them...which I never do...so I need to organise them... in a mason jar of course! x

    V x

  3. why didn't i think of this?! brilliant.


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