Thrifty Saturday

31 August 2011

Once again I hit it big at the Goodwill. I know you think Goodwill and cringe but lately I have found some real hidden gems. Most of the time I go in there with no agenda really just looking to see what sticks out or what I find. So, Saturday morning after a yummy breakfast I went thrifting. My first stop is ALWAYS belts, still hunting down a leopard belt but that search still continues. I first browse the skirts, then I transition into blouses and then I make my way towards the one mirror , that's right ONE mirror they have. I hoard that mirror like there's no tomorrow as I try everything on OVER my clothes. Once that little fashion show is done, I browse their accessories section where I found the most amazing statement piece necklace ever and ladies you are gonna DIE when I tell you how much I paid.... I bought this puppy for $2.99. That's right TWO DOLLLARS AND NINETY NINE CENTS. I cannot wait to sport this bad boy this mini 4 day vaca I have starting in t minus 2 days. Here is what I left with on Saturday.

psst. check out the RED pencil skirt that I scored for $2.49 .


  1. great finds - the pencil skirt looks like the jcrew ones!

  2. I love thrifting! It's best to find ones in rich neighborhoods ;)

  3. I am feeling the need to hit up Goodwill right now... :)


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