California living

08 November 2015

We finally made it to California! It only took us 20 days and 10 states but we are finally here. We've been here for 3 full days and I have mixed emotions about San Deigo. My only complaints are traffic and weather. For most, the thought of living in 70 degree weather everyday would be paradise to this gal that loves all seasons especially fall/ winter it's going to take a while to convince me. The past few days we have been apartment/ house shopping and we've seen a lot but not anything we like or want to commit to. I didn't realize a second bathroom was hard to come by here. We did take a break from apartment hunting yesterday and went to Coronado Island and I loved it the beach is gorgeous. Until we find what we are looking for me , the husband and two aggravated kitties are shacked up in a hotel.

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  1. Congrats on arriving (hurray!) and sending you good vibes for the move and transition!


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