Summer you will be missed ...

22 September 2015

Our last summer in Baltimore and only a few weeks away from our new destination - San Diego. I'm excited to have a small taste of autumn before we leave. The temperatures have been dropping little by little and i'm savoring every second of it. This summer was extra special because I had finally met a good group of gals to play with and boy did we play this summer. Here are just a few things I will miss about summer's in Baltimore.

~Running in the park
~Water taxi rides 
~Roof top pools
~denim shorts
~movies in the park
~bike rides along the harbor
~drinks at Barcocina 's patio 
~driving with the sunroof open and radio blaring 
~Social happy hours
~my two sweet gals J/R 


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  2. The good news is there will be lots of these things you can do in San Diego, and you'll find so many more things that you love! I know that doesn't necessarily make it easier (especially the leaving friends part) but it does help. Best of luck in everything with the move and post-move settling!


Thank you for stopping by! Hope to see you again real soon.