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06 August 2015

I've been wanting to do a monthly round-up for a while but it just seems like so much work which I can't really commit to right now but I figured you have to start sometime so here you go. This month I plan on being more diligent with my outfits and sharing more. For now here's my first monthly round-up.

This summer sure has flown by I can't believe we are already in August time flies when you're having fun. This summer I have spent countless hours at the pool gossiping with friends, cat napping and watching my friends aka professional divers dive into the pool. I cannot partake because this gal can't swim - I know so sad. That hasn't stopped me from doggy paddling in 3ft. of water to cool off. 

My summer style is pretty basic from denim shorts, cotton tops and summer dresses. I've been living in these Zara sandals since I got them a couple of months ago. I loved them so much I purchased them in black as well. I haven't really made a lot of purchases this month I've been stocking up on swim suits because I will be needing them to where we go next (post coming up on our next move). 

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Our time here in Baltimore is coming to an end we will be moving from this great city and I am just so sad about it. I can remember moving here to the city and being so nervous because of all the noise and people but fast forward two years and this city has stolen my heart. Living in Federal HIll has been so fun that I wish I could relive it again and again and maybe do a few things different. For instance not be so scared the first months here, befriend those girls at the gym -instead of waiting a year and a half, visit Maine and Vermont, visit NYC a lot more and participate in a lot more events. So many things I would do different but all I can say is B'more you will be missed and I will be taking full advantage of you for the next month.

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