01 // Style Saver

31 July 2015

f21 under $30

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Welcome to a new series called Style Saver where I will share some great finds - nothing over $50. Today's haul is with Forever 21- this is a place where I stock up on accessories and on trend items that I don't feel like investing a bunch of money on. I've found a lot of great things at this store (mostly online) of course like all inexpensive items not all last as long as I would like but I definitely get my money's worth. Although I do have some favorite pieces that have lasted through wear & tear and washing. Here's a few of the pieces that I've been lusting on.


  1. I've been seeing great things online at Forever 21 too! Love your finds.

    1. Yes I know they always have something I leave with whether it's accessories, clutch or clothes. Thanks for commenting.



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