Valentine's goodies

03 February 2015

Valentine's day is one of my favorite holidays and each year leading up to it I'm a big ball of 
L O V E. I'm listening to love music , writing sweet notes to my hubby, loving anything red and of course enjoying all the good candy around this time. I recently went to Target and picked up some things and I was impressed with their dollar bins they had a ton of Valentine's day goodies. Every year I send out Valentine's day cards to my best friends and my Mom with sweet words on how much their love means to me. Our Valentine's day are pretty low key my husband and I usually order take out , watch movies and cuddle on the couch with some chocolate candy. 

What do you and your lover like to do for Valentine's day?

All cards , pencils, banner - Target 
glasses, heart cup, taffy - Wal-Mart 
book - Barnes and Noble


  1. I love your cards! Especially the red one that says "hello" I didn't see those at Target the other night and I am so sad!!

    I love having a relaxing Valentine's day that includes a Lush bath bomb at the end :)

  2. I am with Faith, bummed that I didn't see those Hello cards recently! These are some great picks for sweet Valentine's day goodies! I vote that we have a blogger Valentine exchange!! Because nothing was better than getting lollipops and chocolates from your peers!

    x's and o's
    Jordan Taylor


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