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28 January 2015

Say hello to my the first outfit post of 2015 , it's only taken me 3 weeks thank you procrastination. Camel coats are this season must have and I was lucky enough to snatch this coat on super sale at Forever 21. This jacket is perfect for any occasion but it's currently my weekend coat because during the week I'm wearing a more practical coat for my bike to work. Camel (the color) is everywhere this year and I'm kinda happy about that it's such a classic color and will be around for some time. On to the outfit, I bought these high riser jeans at Madewell about 6 months ago and they are my go to's every weekend. This Latina has junk in the trunk and these jeans are perfect for concealing my trunk. Once my shopping freeze is up (T- 4 more days) I plan on buying a second pair.

Now lets talk about outfit pictures I've been blogging for almost 4 years and I still hate taking outfit pictures even more so in the city. I live in Federal Hill in Baltimore and there are people everywhere so that means it's really hard for this shy gal to stand somewhere and let my husband take photos of me while people walk by and stare. Ugh move it along people nothing to see here! If only I could find a spot where no one would walk by and stare, any suggestions out there how I can get rid of my shyness ?

jeans : Madewell 
oxfords : Madewell (similar) 
top : Gap (old) 
coat : Forever 21(old) 
hat : Forever 21 (similar) 


  1. While they aren't my first choice for outfit posts, I have found a few "off the beaten path" alley-ways around my city that I can sneak into and get a coworker or photographer friend to snag some shots. People walking by give us a curios look, but at least there aren't strangers walking past/through the shot. I also think you should have nothing to worry about! You look fabulous, and there's no reason to be shy! Next time they stop to stare, just smile for the camera!

    Jordan Taylor
    Richmond, VA

    1. Yeah this was taken in an alley by my place and when I looked to the left I spotted a couple just standing and staring. I started to sweat and told my husband "ok ok get up let's go eat now !" He just laughs but I totally hate it. Thanks for the sweet words ♥


  2. I love that coat and the outfit is really pretty! Oh I know what you mean, I tried for a while to do it for my blog and just couldn't. People stared A LOT and I'm way to shy for that, I can't handle it. Maybe you could try in a park?

    1. Hi Maru,
      Yeah that's why there was only a handful of outfit posts last year and this year because I just couldn't. At my old place there was this storage room with a white wall and NO ONE would ever go there so I always took photos there but I moved and now I'm in the city and people are EVERYWHERE. Thanks for the sweet words as well ♥


  3. I love this look, you look beautiful! That coat was such a great find.
    You definitely shouldn't be shy about pictures, you are totally rocking the outfit-shots!



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