What's in my bag ?

26 January 2015

Most days I bike to work unless it's snowing or the roads are icy either way my bag is prepped for everything. My winter bag and summer bag are quite different and I'll make sure and share my summer bag with you when the time comes. My winter bag is pretty minimal I'm already in a large coat , ear muffs or beanie and gloves so the last thing I need is a bag full of stuff I don't need. So for those of you curious what's in my bag well here you go ...
What are your bag necessities ?

bag // Madewell
fruit // an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
crayons // my niece left these in my purse the last time I saw her and I carry them with me as a little momento.
keys // Madewell key chain - my house keys and gym tag
light // I attach this to my back pack when I ride my bike so I can be seen
lipstick // the color changes but I mostly wear Revlon - 515 Coral Crush
perfume // SJP -Lovely
hand sanitizer // Target
lip balm // Rosebud Perfume Co. - Minted Rose lip balm
hand creme // Nivea Creme
mints // Altoids
pill case // I use the container that my husband's ear plugs were in to store some legal meds (asprin, allergy meds etc.)
planner // Moleskine
pens // Delfonics pen ,  Sharpies
sketch pad // Barnes and Noble - a place where I can doodle what ever is on my mind.
wallet // Madewell (similar)
sunglasses // Warby Parker (Banks)


  1. So many great essentials! My bag is full of little bags, and some of those bags have bags. This way I only carry about 3 or 4 big things that move from purse to purse, all full of little things. A gum/mints/snack bag for Brad and I to share, a junk bag with the last 4 lipcolors I wear tucked away, hand sanatizer, nail clippers, bobby pins, you get the point! I love your little crayon momento's though. so sweet!

    Jordan Taylor
    Richmond, VA

  2. Great Pics. Certainly envious of the bag!


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