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18 December 2014

photo c/o Jasmine Dowling 

Wanting : I've been eyeing these Everlane loafers for quite some time. Since I have some Christmas money coming my way I may finally be the proud owner of some . I love the black ones of course just my luck completely sold out so I may just settle for the navy ones. Navy is a good neutral, right?

 Planning : With all our Christmas shopping done and mailed off this weekend we plan on enjoying some down time scrubbing the house from top to bottom (my kind of fun)

 Loving : The talented Jasmine Dowling posted some adorable gift cards / gift tags on her website for free. You can print them out (here) .

 Listening : Well that's pretty obvious right it's Christmas time so lately I've been listening to Jodeci. You too? I don't know about you but just hearing any 90's R&B instantly takes me back to my youth. Along with Jodeci  Christmas radio on Pandora is fantastic and definitely on repeat at work and home.

 Watching : I recently watched Hello Ladies the movie and it was one of the funniest movies I'd ever seen. So after the HBO series ended the hilarious Stephen Merchant closed the series with a movie and both are fantastic.

Obsessing : I've become completely obsessed with Stephen Merchant. So it's been non-stop for me. Thank you  You Tube !

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