Weekend wear

04 August 2014

pants : Old Navy / tee : H&M (old) / sandals : J.Crew / handbag : Madewell /
 sunnies : Warby Parker (Banks)

Remember this gal ? Yep I'm back to sharing outfits for this week at least. Since moving to the city I don't have a secluded area I can take pictures comfortably at because this city never sleeps and there's always people everywhere. So I have not gained that Emily Schuman confidence to just stand there and have my husband take photos of me as people walk by and stare. So this weekend I brought my camera with me and we walked until I found that quite spot where only a few people would walk by, still nerve wracking but not as bad. I don't know how you style bloggers do it , what's your secret ?  What do when people stand and stare??

Anyhoot about this outfit... it's nothing spectacular but let's just say if you were to bump into me on a weekend I would be wearing this or something quite similar. I found this H&M tee a couple of months ago and it's been my go-to all summer. The fit is perfection from the crew neck to the length I just love this tee not to mention it was $9. These J.Crew sandals have been my version of the Birkenstock , I love them so much I bought them in gold and silver. There not as comfy as Birkenstock's but there a little more stylish. I don't hate Birkenstock's I owned a pair in the 90's and well I'd like to keep them there. 

Oh and your eyes aren't deceiving you a couple of weeks ago I went into a salon and decided to chop off 4 inches off my hair. Yea just like always I regret it a few days later. Oh well it's just hair, right.

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