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05 August 2014

{ Queens of the Stone Age }
A few weeks ago we saw Queens of the Stone Age ,  St.VIncent , and  Neutral Milk Hotel . I had never seen either one so I was excited to finally see each band. I've been a fan of Queens of the Stone Age for quite some time since 2002 to be exact and each time I've wanted to see them something has come up. Luckily this time nothing was in my way so I was excited to finally see these guys I knew that this show was going to be intense but when they came on stage intense doesn't even come close. Once Josh Homme greeted the audience the crowd went from zero to ten and the largest mosh pit formed right in front of me (yikes). I normally don't like to be so close to the stage for intense shows but the energy was insane that me and the hubs stuck it out till the very end , bouncing up and down and singing at the top of our lungs. I wish I would've had my calorie burner on me cause I would've liked to have seen how many calories I burned because it was not a pretty picture once the show was over. Needless to say QOTSA put on an amazing performance their energy was way beyond what I expected. Here's a little taste of what I experienced that night {here} .
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{St. Vincent}

I've been a fan of Annie Clark since I heard "Strange Mercy" a few years ago, but when St.Vincent self titled album was released the beginning of this year I knew I had to check them out. Annie Clark has transformed from singer to fashionista before our eyes. She also was lucky enough to lead Nirvana with "Lithium" for their induction of the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame. 
A couple of weeks ago St. Vincent opened up for Queens of the Stone Age and Annie Clark took the stage wearing a gorgeous black leather and milk braids along with her all black guitar. Her voice was beautiful she had skills on the guitar. 

{ Neutral Milk Hotel }

These guys, what can I say I fell in love with them from the first time I heard " In The Aeroplane Over the Sea" a few years ago and after hearing the full album I was hooked. Jeff Mangum had gone through some stuff so it has been tough to see these guys live. I haven't heard any of their other albums so I wasn't sure what to expect all I knew is that if Jeff Mangum was leading I was in for a good night. They put on a fantastic show the sound was perfect and they spread out all their hits and deep tracks perfectly. Prior to the show the band had requested that everyone put cell phones away (no photos no videos) and just enjoy the show. Normally if that's the case there's always those people that break the rules and it was so nice to see everyone enjoy show with zero distractions. I managed to sneak this pic in right before we left, obviously I was the jerk that broke the rules but come on now I have a blog that I share this stuff on. Sorry guys.

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