Cherry blossom adventure

14 April 2014

Saturday we woke up and checked out the bloom cam just to make sure the cherry blossoms were out, since last year we had no luck. We and about a million other people decided to go and see "some trees" - is what my husband kept saying as we made our way through the crowd . He kept saying " all this just for some trees?" He's such a trooper we got him a pretzel and he was cool as a cucumber as I took about 500 pictures of the most beautiful trees this Texas gal has ever seen. They were in full bloom and gorgeous if you haven't ever seen them it's a definite must. I only wish the crowd would've been a lot smaller you know for a better photo op. After all this to see "some trees" we grabbed some tacos, popped a squat and enjoyed the sunshine people watching. Another great day in DC, you keep it up DC and we will never leave.

(top: Madewell / jeans: Old Navy / shoes: J.Crew (old) / bag : Madewell / sunnies : Forever21)


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  1. Love your pictures of the cherry blossoms! I don't live too far from DC at all, but haven't made it there in time to see them, yet. Maybe next year :)


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