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04 November 2013

I came across this article on The Everygirl and it got me asking myself the question which do I prefer vinyl or MP3 ? I wish I could chose but both are just as good. MP3's are much more cleaner and the sound is clearer. However there's something about the sound of a record playing , the popping noise it makes when the needle touches the record it takes me back. As a child all I listened to was records, my Dad had and still has an amazing record collection that goes back since the late 60's. I've been lucky enough to say I've listened to A-tracks, records, tapes, cd's and now MP3. I am a collector of both, that doesn't make me a hoarder it just makes me a music lover- guilty. MP3's are so easy I would be foolish to say anything negative about them. The convenience of hearing your favorite song on the radio or Pandora and being able to purchase it with the click of a button, I mean it doesn't get anymore convenient than that. However the question is which one will hold the test of time? With technology changing every second it will be interesting to see where music will go. Will albums be popular in ten years? How will musicians profit from their music? Now I ask you how will you chose to listen to your music?

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