Chic Chick no. 9

29 October 2013

 {images credit:  A House In The Hills}
My Beat Boutique readers I introduce you to fabulous Sarah Yates the girl behind one of my favorite blogs A House in the Hills . Sarah has style, eclectic taste and is the Mama to two adorable pups. When I came across her blog I was captivated by her photography skills, bohemian style and her home design is simply perfection. A House in the Hills has everything an inspirational blog should have great recipes, great design, fabulous style and a little dose of two adorable pups. Sarah's blog inspires me in so many ways from taking photography classes, cooking and attempting to pull off high waisted jeans. If you follow her on Instagram (@sarahyates), Pinterest (Sarah Yates/A House in the Hills) or her blog she will definitely inspire you to cook more, redecorate your home and/or adopt a puppy.

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  1. Awe, thank you so much Myrna! Will do my best to remain humble after such a flattering post! :)
    xx- Sarah
    ps- you know what goes amazing with two kitties? TWO PUPPIES!!!! :)


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