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19 June 2013

Madewell Gola Sneakers

Today was a great mail day because these puppies came in. I ordered them on Sunday and wow Madewell is not messing around with shipping, thank you Madewell warehouse peeps. I'm always on the hunt for a good pair of shoes whether it's a sandal , pump, bootie or tennis shoes. Since we live in a city that requires A LOT of walking - walking shoes are a must. I wish I was that girl that could wear sandals and not end up with back pain , well I could back in my 20's. Now in my (cough) mid 30's this gal needs support that will allow my legs and back to go the distance. Once I pulled these out of the box  I knew they were the perfect fit. The color was so electric no saturation was used for these photos, they are just that bright pink. I will be testing them out this weekend and from just the few hours I wore them around my house I can tell we are going to get along nicely.

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  1. Madewell can do no wrong. Love the style, and the color is fantastic!



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