My garden

27 May 2013

April came and so did my garden. Since we are currently in an apartment my garden is quite small this year I went with tomatoes, bell peppers and romaine lettuce. This was my first time growing lettuce and I'm so glad that I did, I didn't know how well they would do but I'm already on my 2 batch. My balcony gets great sunlight which my vegetables love and sadly my tulips didn't. Since I was a beginner with lettuce I wasn't sure at what point I should cut my lettuce and/or if they would grow back. I finally cut them with a small knife and left about an inch for more growth. It was so fresh I could definitely tell a difference from store bought lettuce and fresh lettuce. It's taken about 3 weeks to notice some regrowth.
As for my tomato and bell pepper plants those are still in the what I like to call "building" stage. My experience with tomatoes is once you pot them it normally takes a couple of months for you to start seeing tomatoes forming. However in those months you will notice the plant getting taller and wider. Since tomatoes are quite heavy once they began to grow the plant will began to droop, so I always put a tomato cage over the plant so that the plant will be anchored down.
This year I meant to take pictures of the plants when I first bought them but I get so excited to plant them that the thought crossed my mind at the plant store. By the time I made it home and planted them I unfortunately forgot all about me wanting to capture the process. Oh well there's always next year. I'm planning on adding a lemon or lime tree to my garden family in the next few weeks.
 Does anyone else have a garden or have any gardening tips for me?

**Last years garden see HERE **


  1. Well done! Nothing more satisfying than eating your own home grown vegetables and produce. Lettuce is fabulous and I love how you've managed it in a planter pot - for some reason I believed you'd need a big garden so I only grow herbs and I have chillies in a pot. I must try lettuce! Whould be very interested to know if you'll have your lemon tree in the a pot or in the ground? I have always wanted a lemon tree but again wasn't sure if they would thrive in a pot x

    1. Oh no I've only used pots and they work, try it. As for my future lemon tree it will have to be in a pot i'm in an apartment so no large garden for me. Ha



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