garden bliss

18 May 2012

We made it to Friday ! TGIF! if you follow me on Instagram (@my_beatboutique) you already know i love my garden. my wish for our first home was to have a large garden with tomatoes, peppers, jalepanos, lettuce, spices etc. you name it. however in the 3 years we have lived here we always say "next year." well it's another year and my vegtables are still in pots , i kick myself now because when i bought my plants they were TINY and in a matter of weeks poof enormous and i wish i would have maybe done a DIY or taken pics of them as babies. next year. lol


  1. Hi Myrna, Just stumbled across your blog and love it! Fab original outfits and your garden post makes me laugh - I've got great intentions for our chilli plants etc but I can't seem to get them out of their seedling pots haha!

    Your 49th follower,

    Vanessa x

    Pop by and follow me too sometime! :-)

  2. Yay- TGIF! Those adorable peppers! I'm officially ready for summer :) xo

  3. I plan to plan some peppers this weekend and my dad is giving me a tomato plant. :) I only have a condo balcony to work with.
    Love that succulent.

  4. Um, I'm not surprised that you love your garden. *I* love your garden! It's beautiful!

  5. Great job with your garden! For some reason the only thing I can grow are herbs :)

    Seize the Styles


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