Wine & Pom Poms

02 April 2013

Lately we have been on a wine kick, if you follow me on Instagram you would know this by the amount of wine glasses I've posted. When my husband asked me why I was saving them? I wasn't sure what I was going to do with these bright blue bottles, I just knew I didn't want to throw them away. Until last Thursday , I brought home some yellow Pom Pom's and decided to use these blue bottles as vases. I love this color combo. These vases wake up any table or in my case kitchen. All I did was soaked bottles in hot water and labels fell right off , I added flowers and there you have it beautiful pop of color in my kitchen.


  1. I love how the light is refracting purple in the bottom of the third bottle in the second picture.

  2. SO pretty! I love these... the bottles are gorgeous, I wouldn't have thrown them away either! Love the color combination between the blue and the yellow.


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