which top are you ?

26 February 2013

sneaker trend


With all these high tops going around the fashion world I can't help but reminisce of my high school days when Air Jordan's were under $100 and wedge tennis shoes were non-existent. Now I do not plan on jumping on that trend I however plan on purchasing some high tops. My recreational tennis shoe requirement is they have to be colorful and comfy. I purchased some New Balance a couple of months go  (worn here) and if your looking for a good walking shoe - definitely look into some  New Balance. They are so easy to style - I've worn them with jeans , skirts, shorts, and leggings. I mean this isn't anything new - does anyone remember the movie Working Girl ? Melanie Griffith among many New York women in the 80's wore tennis shoes with their skirt suits. What can I say comfort is no.1 in my book. Now which top are you? Are you a high top gal or low top gal?


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