making the rounds

26 November 2012

sweater : J.Crew / jeans : F21 / vest: Old Navy / shoes : New Balance {here} / glasses : Warby Parker {Huxley}

Today we got our butts off the couch and began what would be the longest day in the world. First stop IKEA where we made out like bandits. Of course a tyical IKEA trip for us is leaving with too much and not what we needed. The day just got more hectic with traffic, it's Monday shouldn't everyone be at work? The only good thing about today besides all the great deals we found was finally breaking in my new walking shoes. I know this isn't a fancy outfit however it's my #ootd. I have been looking for an alternative pair of concert/everyday shoes and Friday my husband went to "throw the trash" and came back with Christmas gift #1 - new sneakers. I am not a huge sneaker wearer however these were simple enough for me and adding a pop of color with my red laces
{Wal-Mart $2} just made them that much cooler. So now my go to Converse can take a mini vacay.
So whatcha guys think about the new blog design ?  My new blog pal Alyssa is the hands behind it all. She was such a sweetheart to work with, since this was my very first change she held my hand through it all. That girl has a good eye and not to mention a great blog Breakfast at Alyssa's . I mean if the whiskers on my header don't say cat lady alert I don't know what will. Thanks again Alyssa!


  1. such a fun look. I love the outfit with those sneakers!

  2. Cute look! Loving your sweater and the pop of color with your vest!


  3. love the new blog look! :)

  4. Thanks Myrna! It was great working with you. I love the sweater.

  5. Thank you ladies for your sweet words :)


  6. Absolutely LOVE your blog! and I love all your outfits! I totally have that heart sweater! love it!


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