22 January 2013

I snagged this sweater at my local Goodwill for $2 - gasp! As I browsed through there lovely color coded isles I stumbled upon this vibrant blue sweater- score! I can never pass up a good bargain. What can I say I love me some color! When I was younger I was afraid of color and now at my age I embrace all color. Anything bright and vibrant I am drawn to it calls my name. My number one rule for wearing color is don't be afraid, play with your closet and play with color. Color mixing can be tricky but one quick note is know what color can substitute as a neutral for example these mustard colored shoes. If I'm ever in question I always refer to a piece of art- Jackson Pollock used tons of color in his paintings and they were masterpieces so why not color mix with clothes you never know you may create something magical.
hat - Gap
sweater : Goodwill
top/jeans/handbag : J.Crew
shoes : Forever 21
glasses : Warby Parker - Miles

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