Binki & Adam

21 January 2013

Nothing excites me more than new music especially with a dash of an enchanting lady that goes by Binki Shapiro. This beauty not only has style but the most beautiful voice I've ever heard . Binki was in the trio Little Joy a couple of years ago and and has now joined Adam Green to record 10 folk pop songs with a hint of 60's. Adam Green you might know from Moldy Peaches became close to Binki during her time with Little Joy where he sang back-up vocals on their album. With their album releasing next Tuesday Jan. 29, 2013 , today Monkey Buzz released a preview of the album {here} . I listened a couple of times and cannot wait to see them live and have concluded that my fave song is "If You Want Me To" (listen here)

great article about this duo-  here

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