Happy Blog-iversary !

09 July 2012

Today marks one year since my first post. let me share with you how i went from a thirty-something Texas gal living in the south bored out of her mind, to one of the best decisions i've ever made. at the time my husband was on deployment and i was home alone with nothing to do. i was browsing Lucky Magazine's website and came across a picture of  the wonderful Emily Schuman and under her picture it had her website. i had NO clue what a style blog was. then i pulled up Cupcakes and Cashmere ... needless to say i was in awe of her website. as i stalked her blog i found other bloggers such as Lucy Laucht , Sterling Style, and Rockstar Diaries. Lets just say that day changed my life. i had something to come home to every day - waiting to see what they would wear next. i was inspired to push myself to the limit - style wise. finding these ladies made me feel so comfortable being me - i wasn't alone. even though i didn't know them i felt conected to them. after a couple of months i started to think "what if i started my own style blog?" as i danced around this idea for a couple more months i finally asked my bestfriend /my older brother Richard. his response was what sealed the deal...a simple "heck yea that would be awesome" was all i needed. using a Sony digital camera perched on top of my garden shoes i took my first outfit pics {first outfit post} . i remember feeling so uncomfortable standing there in this outfit.  now a year later... i take pictures of everything, i never leave home without my DSLR and i have so much more confidence than a year ago. this blog has changed my style. i am no longer afraid of being me, and i never thought anyone would visit my blog let alone follow my blog. I have met some great ladies and i am excited for what year two will bring . Thank you to everyone who visits, follows, and comments. you have no idea how excited i get everyday to read your comments.


  1. happy anniversiry!!

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  2. I can't believe you have only been at this for a year my dear!
    I adore your style and earnest posts.
    Keep up the great work, and I will be following along for another 365 more days.
    I hope you plan to pop some bubbly tonight. :)

  3. Happy blogiversary lady! Cheers to many more years :)

  4. Happy Blog Birthday! Always blog for you. No one else could do it better.

  5. Happy anniversary! Congrats on everything and how far you've come on the blog. As a newbie blogger, it was really inspiring to read this!

  6. So proud of you Myrna!! You go girl!!;)

  7. Thank you soooooo much for the sweet words :)


  8. Happy Blogiversary Myrna!
    This is such a sweet post, I love hearing about people's journey's through blogging and how it's evolved ... and for a first outfit post, i think that was pretty darn good! :-)

    Vanessa x


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