Wednesday Jam

10 July 2012

Fleetwood Mac has been one of my all-time favorite bands. I can remember my Dad playing Rumors to us as kids and I loved and still do love Stevie Nicks voice. Some might say it's a bit strange but who wants ordinary. Not this girl. I was lucky enough to see them back in 1997 for their reunion tour. I was 18 working at Blockbuster Music {funnest job ever} I obviously couldn't afford to go see them because from what I remember tickets were a bazillion dollars., this full-time student did not have that kind of cash. The day of the show I was working the morning shift , around 4pm my boss comes to me and says I have ONE ticket for Fleetwood Mac tonight, do you want it? I of course said yes, who wouldn't. Let's face it who goes anywhere at 18 , this girl. My step-father dropped me off at the venue and I entered a room full of 30-50 year olds. Let me tell you about this ONE seat- center stage- first row bleachers. Basically first row after 20 rows on the floor. Best seat in the house. Show started with The Chain and they brought it. Played for two hours straight. That night will go down in my history as one of the best shows ever.
Hearing {my daily dose of music news} that there was gonna be a Fleetwood Mac tribute album was a bit unsettling , I mean how many tribute albums have you heard that are good ? A handful , maybe. After looking at the list of bands and hearing a couple of the covers on Sirius XMU and hearing Lykke Li cover of Silver Springs , i'm curious what the rest of the album will sound like.
August 14th we will find out. Will Stevie, Lindsey, Christine, Mick, and John be proud ? 

1. Lee Ranaldo Band [Feat. J Mascis]: "Albatross"
2. Antony: "Landslide"
3. Trixie Whitley: "Before The Beginning"
4. Billy Gibbons & Co.: "Oh Well"
5. Best Coast: "Rhiannon"
6. The New Pornographers: "Think About Me"
7. Marianne Faithfull: "Angel"
8. Lykke Li: "Silver Springs"
9. Karen Elson: "Gold Dust Woman"
10. Matt Sweeney And Bonnie 'Prince' Billy: "Storms"
11. Washed Out: "Straight Back"
12. Tame Impala: "That's All For Everyone"
13. Craig Wedren with St. Vincent: "Sisters of the Moon"
14. The Kills: "Dreams"
15. Gardens & Villa: "Gypsy"
16. The Crystal Ark: "Tusk"
17. MGMT: "Future Games"

** Take a listen to Lykke Li cover of Silver Springs **

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