First try ...

21 August 2011

Top/Jeans/Belt/Sunnies : Banana Republic 
Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft
Handbag : gift from Mom

I have been pricing tri-pods for a couple of weeks and they are just so pricey. So for now I will continue to use my patio table as a stand and my garden shoes as a platform for my camera, you can just call me MacGruber . I was very nervous about taking outfit pictures but after the 5th one it got easier, until my neighbor decided to take a smoke break on her patio. Eeek
This isn't the fanciest outfit , however I wore this on Friday to work and happy hour with some co-workers. It transitioned perfectly , I simply switched my work bag to this fun bag. This handbag was given to me years ago for Christmas from my wonderful mother and even though it seems to be falling apart I can't seem to part with it. The lining is a bright purple and the inside smells like my mother's perfume. Needless to say you will be seeing this bag a lot.


  1. Nice outfit I actually think I have something pretty similar and never thought to put it together like this!! I will try and let you know how it goes and oh by the way love the pics - you are so pretty!!!

  2. This are great pictures! I'm so impressed you did them just setting your camera down! I find that so difficult to do! Love the outfit on you! Those jeans look perfect! xx

  3. Thank you ladies. Yes, I would have never imagined my garden shoes and patio table would work :)

  4. Awww I loved looking back to post one.
    You were a natural from the beginning.


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