17 November 2011

Top: Forever 21 | Pants/Clutch/Ring : Thrifted | Booties : Steve Madden | Bracelet: Target

Monday I had to go to training for work , total SNOOZEFEST. Since the training was held at our main office, I decided to put color/pattern away for the day and wear something comfy and fun ...cue this outfit. Now lets talk about this large clutch I bought at my local Goodwill for $.75, it has so much room. I had a regular size note pad, 2 highlighters, 2 pens, lipstick and gloss, my phone, my keys and I left with all this and a folder full of training materials. I'm sure many fashionistas have been doing this for years and i'm just catching on. lol


  1. love that top! and Im suprised that clutch held so much!! mine never hold enough stuff!!

  2. i absolutely love your outfit posts. they give me inspiration for what to wear to work. and i commend you on both your style and confidence. it's really nice to see a blogee that i can relate to. i just entered the world of blogging and will be following you throughout my journey.
    bisous fois dix

  3. GOSH I LOVEEE your looks. LOVE LOVE LOVE. your so adorable.



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