Wedding Attire

18 October 2011

Wedding Attire

This Saturday my friend Erin and AJ will be getting married in Omaha, NE. My bestie Chrissy is such an amazing friend she is meeting me in Omaha,NE to be my date for the wedding. I am so excited for Chrissy and Erin to meet , mixing old and new besties. I have had over a year to prepare for this day ,however I of course waited till the last minute to look for a dress. Thank you Zara for coming through for me. I found this dress on line and really liked it. Very comfy which is exactly what I need for an all day affair. I am still undecided on to wear a necklace or not ?? Thoughts are much appreciated.

Really excited to see this young lady and her mister make it official. Since I haven't seen this beautiful face since January everyone please cover your ears because there will be some obnoxious screams happening. Congrats to such an amazing couple so blessed to have you both in our lives.


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